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You've Gotta Make Time For Golf

All men who enjoy golf need to take time to play golf each week throughout the summer. I'm convinced of it. As the wife of a very busy husband and as a family therapist, I am convinced that all men need the break and the relaxation that comes from playing a round of nine or eighteen holes of golf.

When I was first married I would get frustrated about my husband's sheer excitement about golf as each spring turned to summer. I would give him a hard time about buying a membership to a local golf club and I would even try guilting him out of playing as often as I could. I didn't realize until many years later just how important it was for me to let my husband enjoy his times of golf with other men.

I've come to realize that my husbands life at work is busy and stressful and that playing golf is one of his favorite ways to relax and to enjoy time with his guy friends. I am no longer threatened that he isn't dying to get home at the end of each day. Instead, I see that golf is not the enemy of our family but actually a friend since it allows our husband and father to come home relaxed and refreshed and ready to pour more into our family.

If you are a man, then I suggest you get to the nearest golf course and sign up for a summer pass. If you are a woman who has been hesitant to allow your man to golf, then change your mind and buy a summer pass for the guy you love. We all need times away from the stresses of home and work just to release some energy and to have fun. Golf is the perfect way for men (and some women) to do just that.

I think it is important that men take time to golf with other men at least one time per week. Obviously, if we have a man that wants to golf six out of every seven nights in the summer then there is probably an issue to talk about. Men cannot use golf as an excuse to never be home with their families, but it can be a great way for them to get away and to refresh themselves for the stresses of family life and for time in the office.

Men, grab a friend or two and get to a golf course soon. See how much fun you will have and how much stress you will release on the course. You'll be so glad that you have the time to golf that when it comes time to go home you'll have energy and desire to spend time with the family.

World’s Top 5 Golf Courses

Wonder where the world’s richest, famous, and avid golfers tee off?  In a sport where the playing field is not as rigid or as restricted as other forms of sport, the outdoor can make the difference.  Where nature is not only the backdrop but the playing field itself, how this sport is played is what makes golf a very relaxing, liberating, and striking experience.

Glimpse into these greens hailed as the world’s five top golf courses, as compiled by Golf Magazine.  Golfer or not, you will be enthralled and intrigued how these ultra expansive natural settings that seemingly stretch out to the sky in interesting meandering patterns and heights can be so ultra secluded from the public eye.

Pine Valley Golf Club

Located in Pine Valley, New Jersey USA, the Pine Valley Golf Club hits the number one spot.  The golf course is reported to take up vast acres of greeneries, so vast that each golfer would feel a sense of isolation, not knowing that other golfers playing in other sections of the fairways feel the same.

Interestingly, Pine Valley is not new in receiving prestige and recognition in the sports world of golf.  Records indicate this gold course was already at the number three spot in 1939 in a ranking by Golf Club atlas.  In Golf Magazine’s biennial rankings, it has remained at the top since 1991.

But Pine Valley does not only boast of quantity in acres but the quality of the course as well.  In fact, it is also considered to be one of the toughest courses.  If you crave for challenge, privacy, and ultimate golfing experience, go Pine Valley.

Cypress Point Club

Cypress Point, the number two choice, is the most beautiful course.  Located in Pebble Beach, California USA, it is positioned in a piece of land that meets the blue waters of the beach.

This 18-hole golf course has bunkers that have been strategically and fascinatingly built such that there is a seamless connection between what’s natural and man-made.  Hole No. 16, specifically, continues to captivate golf lovers, having been acclaimed as the ultimate one-shotter in existence.

St. Andrews Golf Club

The world’s number three golf course located in St. Andrews Fife, Scotland is the number in Europe, and the oldest in the world.  Europe’s quaint setting, which gives off a more relaxed and laidback ambiance so compatible with the nature of this sport, makes this region truly a golfer’s paradise.

The world first experienced golf in Scotland, right here in St. Andrews, as early as the 12th century.  It received a royal patronage in 1854.  Now, it is considered as the world’s oldest surviving “royal” golf club.

St. Andrews is not really that striking in appearance to new golfers.  Its appeal grows as you familiarize yourself with its landscapes, reinforcing the fact that knowledge of course management is a key in golf strategy games.

Augusta National Golf Club

The number four is located in Augusta, Georgia USA.  Each of Augusta’s 18 holes has been named after a flower that has come to be associated with it.  During grand tournaments, these flowers are in full bloom thereby creating a colorful and festive natural backdrop as you begin those back swings.

But more importantly, Augusta has been characterized with broad fairways, exciting elevation changes, and slick greens that will pose real challenge to skilled golfers.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Golf course number five is located in Southhampton, New York USA.  It was originally a 12-hole course remodeled into 18-hole layout in 1895.  Its impressive layout features undulating greens and bunkers backdropped with tree canopies, shrubs as well as ponds.

This peek into the world’s best five can be overwhelming.  A walk into their greens, a swing into their air, and a golf game follow-through through their fairways, bunkers, and other intriguing nooks and spots will definitely sum up into a par that, in terms of experience, is victory itself.

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School of Golf Chapter 12: Hitting it Straighter Part 1

6 Keys to Selecting The Right Golf School

There are many criteria to selecting the school that is worthy of the investment, and this is not an exhaustive list. However, consider these to get you focused on what is important to you.

Key #1) Golfing style
As with any topic or subject matter to learn, golf can be played in many styles. Most of them based on your personality and skill level. Some play aggressively, others, like me, more conservatively. But ultimately you have to choose a school or instructor that matches you.

Your skills, your personality, your style.

Key #2) Problem areas  
I have trouble with slicing. Consistently I find that my shots slice to the right. You, to be sure, have at least one issue with your game or specific shots.    You may want to find a school to address and help correct that shortcoming. If you come back from a long weekend and your slice has vanished, you would have had time (and money) well spent.

Key #3) Instructor to class-size ratio
This is a personal preference item. Some people learn in a group setting (even craze the interaction). Others of you need the attention that a one or two person class offers. It may also depend on what you are trying to gain from the school which one you actually choose.

Key #4) Price
For some this may not be an issue. Golf is your life and no amount of money is too much if you improve your game, and thus your enjoyment. For others, big obstacle. If you are considering a golf school then you know that most start above $1500. There are some “big name” instructors offering half day lessons for $10,000.

You know your budget. If you are price sensitive then, by all means, do not forget to add in travel, lodging, and food costs. Many times these “incidentals” can double the overall cost.

Key #5)  Proximity
What is your traveling distance? Is your schedule tight so slipping off within 100 miles for a half day lesson is all you can squeeze. Or, are you planning your school around a vacation so distance is not really an issue. One plus of keeping tabs on those schools “in your own backyard” is when these offer last-minute specials you can jump on those quickly.

Key #6) Length of training
How long can you take off from your profession to pursue your passion? Like any good consultant would answer, it depends. It depends on whether you are looking for a long weekend, a one day seminar, or wrapping a vacation around your training. This is an important factor in choosing a school so compare wisely.

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Las Vegas Golf Tips

Trying golf and looking for that perfect hot green spot to visit and swing that club on? Perhaps you are looking for Las Vegas; an excellent environment for beginners and professionals alike.

Las Vegas is known for its wonderful golf courses. To date, there are at least 40 golf courses offering the best golf tee time packages that everyone will surely find enjoyable.

The following tips are designed to make your booking for golf tee times as ideal and perfect as possible, while enjoying all the amenities the golf course has to give.

Ø General Structure of Golf Courses - One consideration you have to make in planning your tee times is the general structural plan of the specific golf courses you are going into.

The greens should be specifically kept intact and fairways and tee boxes should be strategically located. Clubhouses should be built in appropriate focal points where golfers and other guests could rest along the tournament.

Ø Practice Facility and Driving Ranges

Adequate and efficient practice facility and accessible driving ranges are also important. Holes should be properly placed on locations where enough excitement is felt along the game as you go through swinging that stick and putting that ball into that hole!

Ø Hazards: Spices of Life

Additionally, professionally designed natural and artificial hazards are the spices which makes golfing an interesting game to play. However, beginners should not be as concerned as professional golfers in as much as the general plan of the golf course is concerned.

If you are a beginner, general structure of golf links should not even pose an issue; instead you are advised to learn the basics of golfing and using the right materials which you can use to start with and learn all that swinging technique!

Ø Booking on the Internet! – There is no other excellent portal to getting information on the current hot spots in golfing. Las Vegas boasts its' more than top 40 golf courses complete with amenities which everyone can enjoy.

Best deals are usually advertised on the Internet through authorized Las Vegas Golf Course agencies and are only available for a specific period of time.

Ø Great Rates! – Don’t be afraid to book in one of the most famous gambling cities in the world! Great places need not be expensive. Surely, you will be able to find great deals which matches everyone else’s budget.

Daytime and nighttime rates differ, usually ranging from $200 to $600 per person including taxes and other applicable fees for car and range balls. Enjoy 18-holes championship golf links across a 7000 yard field. Everything you’re gonna need is in Las Vegas!

Know Your Course: Greens

Golfers are very picky of the golf course where they want play. They don't like playing in areas where the greens were just punched. That is why keepers of the greens implement a lot of methods to make sure expert care is given and golfers play golf without being annoyed.

There are a lot of problems that resemble a nightmare if no perfect trouble shooting tips are used. One aspect that is very important in keeping a good greens is the drainage. Although, this is often overlooked, it is a vital part in keeping the green especially during rainy seasons.

A real golf course will eat up from $65,000 or more for just a single green. A base layer to maintain the shape is required for a green. The drainage should be made up of crushed stones, a layer of sand, PVC pipes, and at least 13 to 14 inches of cheaper sand with peat for the root zone layer. The sprinklers should be available including bunkers. A more expensive part, which is the sod, is needed also for the surrounding area.

The labor needed in providing maintenance for the green is not for golf course owners who do not like cutting the grass more than once a week. The hard part of the work is preventing turf grass problems and being vigilant on how to maintain it as it should be. Cutting of the grass should be made every two to three days or everyday if there are golfers who want to play on the green everyday. There is also other work that demands more time and cost such as aeration, fertilization, putting herbicides, top dressing, putting fungicides and/or pesticides. Below is a list of some methods and time frame needed in taking care of the golf course greens.

Care for Greens Activity and Scheduling
Irrigation: 1 - 3 days interval
Mowing: 1 - 3 days interval
Top dressing: 3 to 6 times a year
Aeration: Once a year
Pesticide: Only when it's needed
Herbicide: Only when it's needed
Fungicide: Once a month
Fertilization: Once a month

The types of grass that can be used are either the creeping bentgrass or Bermuda grass. Bentgrass is considered by gold course owners in areas where the climate is moderate to cool while Bermuda is the type of turf recommended in tropical or sunny temperatures. Bentgrass is easier to grow and provides a greenskeeper income. Using Bermuda in hot climates make it more costly. The techniques used in maintaining the two kinds of grass are the same, the only difference is that it would be difficult to use Bentgrass in places that are tropical since it is hard to keep it moist. Only 22% of American golf course owners use Bermuda while 78% prefer Bentgrass. Here are the list of places and the turf type they use according to a survey made by GCSAA.

US State: Bentgrass/Bermuda grass

Alabama: 19/81
Arizona: 59/41
Arkansas: 60/40
California: 86/14
Florida: 2/98
Georgia: 49/51
Louisiana: 2/98
Mississippi: 9/90
Nevada: 93/7
Oklahoma: 90/10
North Carolina: 67/33
South Carolina: 14/86
Tennessee: 65/35
Texas: 50/50

Hawaiian owners are using one hundred per cent Bermuda grass while all the other US states are using a hundred per cent bentgrass. Southeast Texas is using Bermuda while Bent is being used in Northwest Texas.

A standard mower, preferably the rotary types, are needed since the greens should be rolled and cut to a height of 4/16 inches. Others are still considering synthetic grass than bentgrass for the golf course. Although synthetic ones can be cheaper, some golfers may not like the idea. Here are the pluses and minuses of each type of grass:

Type of Greens: Pros vs. Cons

Real bent grass

1. Maintenance can be a hobby but skills and training are needed
2. More pleasing and attractive but can be time consuming
3. Hole locations can be changed but costly grass mowers are needed
4. Grows fast and cheaper than seeds but irrigation is needed

Fake grass

1. Maintenance is not needed but concrete holes are permanent
2. May look real during playing but can be discovered fake by expert golfers
3. Can take any weather condition but a bit more expensive than real bent grass seeds
4. Worry free maintenance but requires labor fees for installation